The concept of “Working from Home”

The concept of “Working from Home” got two meanings:

  1. You’re involved with an industry, company and there are provisions of working from home.
  2. Or you’re a freelancer working for a company or organization.


In the first case, usually you won’t get the opportunity of working from home on a daily basis. There will be some days when you’ll be allowed to work from home (if there is a meeting or special urgent assignments). 

And, in the second case, you’re allowed to work from home on a daily basis. Though there are advantages and disadvantages for this:




  1. You’re in a comfortable place. And your work hours are scheduled by yourself only. Even you’re allowed to take naps.
  2. You will have the power to manage your own time at your own place. Though you got to deliver the project within the time limit or before the deadline.
  3. You don’t need to shuttle to the office. 
  4. If you’re not in a noisy place, you can easily concentrate on your own work. 
  5. You can easily take care of your kids, parents and even you can spend time with them in your leisure time.
  6. You won’t have to pay for your office supplies. You’ll be saving a huge amount of money. 
  7. You won’t be having any kind of distractions.
  8. There will be no worry about crowds and traffic.
  9. People will not have problems working in different shifts because they will be at home, no fear of being alone in office or returning alone at night. This will favour women more too. 
  10. Statistics have revealed that while working from home, there is an increase in productivity and work hours put, but yes, in the end focus is put on whether the work is completed on time or not.
  11. You can control your stress level.
  12. You can wear anything you like.
  13. You are your own boss, you don’t have to think about promotions because you have already in the highest position.




  1. Since, you’re a sole freelancer, you’ve have to work hard and concentrate more. Because you won’t get help from your colleagues. You’re on your own. 
  2. A very good internet connection will be required for the freelancers. 
  3. If a problem arises, you’ve to sort it on your own. 
  4. You’ll be paid online as you’re a freelancer. There might be an issue with the payment if you’re working with a bad client.
  5. You might get a job from your client or you might not get a client for a long time. 
  6. You’ll be having a huge number of competitions on this field because the amount of freelancers are growing rapidly. 
  7. Working-at-home-v2


PS: Tell me how you’re dealing with your life right now. How’s the situation at your place?



Deathly Earthquake Strikes Southern Mexico.


The Seismic alarm sound warned the residents to exit buildings.  Almost all the areas had a power knockout. Five people lost their lives due to the powerful earthquake that occurred at Mexico’s Southern Oaxaca region on Tuesday. According to the U.S Geology Survey the magnitude of the quake was 7.4 at 10:29 am. Due to the sudden alarm many people forgot to carry their masks with them. ap_20175638966928-34db94fe81e2df6f9fca57d2328a5647dca0bdb4-s800-c85

Though there were minor damages. The U.S Geological Survey seismologist Paul Earle said, “This has the potential to be a deadly earthquake and cause significant damages.” He also stated that there will be small aftershocks too.

Influencer marketing is evolving

Influence marketing is the new tool strategy for the brands in this era of modern times. Huge number of marketers are already in the “influence marketing.” And this is one of the best tactics that the brands have figured out.


People used to rely on television products, print and radios before social media marketing. Social media marketing undoubtedly brought a drastic change in this new era. Though there is an old method by putting influential people in their advertisements, which undoubtedly bought huge sell for the brands.


Highway to modern influencing marketing strategies:

  1. Marketers figured out a way that the easiest path to attract the consumer’s attraction is by leveraging the influential people. But before that, during the 16th-17th century the marketing was practiced in a completely different way. For examples like: signboards, trademark.

Signboards                          Trademark

2. The next generation made a smart move during the “Great depression” period. The             Coco cola company used the image of Santa Claus to express cheer during the                       mournful events. By this way the influential marketing started to grow gradually.

3. Celebrity endorsement was one of the cleverest move the marketing agencies ever            made. Celebrities were the real deal as they got the mass following. The brand                    endorsement grew to a different level. Brands like Pepsi, Adidas, Nike started                      authorizing celebrities.


4.  The brands later figured out that the mass number of audiences was into television,           series. So, they targeted the television platforms. Brand endorsements, promotions             were done in the television series.



5. And then, Facebook, Instagram, you tube ascended. The marketing brands realized         this was the best and easiest move for the growth. And this changed the era of                   branding, marketing agencies and influencing marketing. The brands collaborated         people with good number of followers (known as influencers). Compared to television   stars and celebrities, influencers are more alike us. Their reviews attract a good number  of people. And this way the marketing strategy gained its momentum to a different level.

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